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Point Kids

Point Kids

ConnectPoint loves and values children.  Our programs and events are designed to meet kids where they are, with the love of Christ.  While you attend our weekend service, ConnectPoint staff and volunteers help your children experience God and His Word "kids-style" through creative, age-appropriate teaching, interactive music and worship, activities, and games.  The spiritual growth and physical safety and security of your child are our highest priority.

Point Kids children enter a safe, hands-on world filled with energy, laughter, and spiritual growth every Sunday. We invite all parents to experience God with their children during this service.

Each week, Point Kids gives your child one main bible principle to learn, link to their lives, and live.

Point Kids

  • Ages - 2-11
  • 30 Minute Service every Sunday - 10:30am

Our Security:

All children must be checked in by their parents or guardian at the Welcome Center, between 9:45-10:00am. Each parent or guardian will receive a number card corresponding to the lnumber given to your child at sign-in. Children can only be checked out at the Welcome Center by a parent or guardian holding the proper number card. If you'd like to stay aorund and enjoy kids style worship with your children, please feel welcome to do so. Children's service ends at 1025am.

All of our children's workers have gone through extensive background checks.


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