Connect Point

Got questions?

Frequently Asked Questions.

What will the service be like?

We are intentional about connecting to Jesus vertically, which enables genuine connection to other believers horizontally.  You will see a church that is naturally supernatural.  The music is alive, the worship expressive, and the preaching is passionate.  The people are real and the experience non-religious.


Do you have altar calls?

Yes. At ConnectPoint, we believe in the power of any spiritual response to God; yet we respect the fact that each person who joins us is at a different stage of spiritual openness.  Whether or not there's an invitation to come to the front of the sanctuary to deepen our commitment to what we've heard and felt; no one is ever forced or manipulated into responding at our church; it's a personal decision.

What is the connection card for?

One of our greeters will hand you a connection card. This card is our way of getting to know you better and is also our future link for letting you know what is happening here at ConnectPoint.  We will never single you out during the service or show up at your door unexpectedly. You can fill out as much information as you feel comfortable giving, then please turn it in during the offering or drop it at the Welcome Center.


How long does the service last?

Generally the worship service will last 90 minutes.


Will my children be with me?

Yes. And you can be with them! Our Point Kid's have their service at 10:00am. Parents are welcome to check their children in, and come on in and worship with them, or go to the cafe and drink coffee. At 10:30am, everybody gathers together in the main auditorium for our regular Sunday worship gathering.

Is it ok for Church to be fun?




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