Connect Point


Discipleship Process

We understand that becoming a disciple is a lifetime process.  Best described as a long obedience in the same direction.  ConnectPoint is passionate about continuing in the journey of becoming more like Jesus.

We are constantly exploring, questioning, and wrestling with new and creative ways to live out and communicate the teachings of Jesus.  Join with us in this lifetime journey. The following is our simple process for becoming a disciple:

Connect to Jesus

Step 1 is connecting with Jesus at our weekend worship service.

Connect with other believers

Step 2 is gathering together with other believers outside of church and growing in your faith alongside other disciples.

Serve in the Church & Community

Step 3 is committing to at least 1 weekly volunteer opportunity either in our 2 services or community service.

Be one, find one, make one

Step 4 is becoming a disciple, and finding one other person that you can help to start the journey to becoming a disciple as well.

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